something wrong with my laptop

help me, all my applications running via Notepad only... I feel like want to cry now.... even software also open with notepad.....omg...HELPPPP
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  1. It looks as though someone tried to open an .exe file with Notepad and changed the default to Notepad. You will need to change the file associations for each application. For example Google Chrome should be chrome.exe.
    One way of doing this is to create new shortcuts for program but this could take a while depending on how many you have to create.
    *The easier option is to restore your computer to a date before the file associations changed ( ).
  2. how? I don't understand....I'm using windows 7 ultimate...HELPPPP me :(
    even Winrar also can't be extract because it also become notepad and also system restore also change to notepad.......HELP HELP HELP :'(
  3. In start menu search ' set your default programs' then choose set your default programs. Then you can edit your file associations.
  4. omg, nobody understands me... :'( everything turns into notepad or exe.file
  5. At first it sounded like someone just messed with your file associations but now it sounds like you got a virus. If everything that you do turns into a notepad or exe file you may have to wipe the OS. You can reinstall your OS if you got a restore/ windows 7 disc handy. Otherwise if you want to get the laptop running you could try out a Linux distro, scan for viruses that way. I can't really help you much with that other then going here:
  6. finally, I fix it by myself....
    nobody help me
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