Transfering Windows onto a new AMD pc from intel laptop

Hey so i have a question,
Currently i have an intel laptop with windows 7 64bit and i am going to be building my new AMD pc and i was wondering if there was any way to transfer my currents windows to the AMD pc. From what i heard they have a different system setting or something like that.

If not, is there a way to put my windows on an external hard drive and install it on the new AMD pc??

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  1. Short answer is NO. You will have to completely reinstall Windows there is no real way around it. Plus if your copy of Windows came with the PC(OEM) you can't transfer the license anyway and will have to buy a new copy. The only way around that would be if you paid for a retail copy of Windows.

    If Windows came with the PC pre installed it has to stay with that hardware and can not be transferred to a different PC.
  2. Was Windows 7 pre-installed on the laptop? If yes, then it is an OEM version and you can't (shouldn't) transfer it to your new PC. OEM software is tied to the hardware on the machine to which it was originally installed. If however, it is a retail version, you should be able to do a clean install and use the product key to activate provided it is no longer in use by the laptop computer. I'm guessing there would be driver issues (chipset, etc.) since you would be using two different motherboards.
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