Is the speed of the RAM the limiter of how far the IMC can be overclocked? (AMD question)

I read somewhere that 1333 RAM can only have an IMC of 2000, 1600 = 2200, 1866 = 2400, and so on. Is this true? Will I experience a lot more data corruptions and instability if I run 1600 RAM with an IMC @ 2.4 GHz or above?
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  1. The limiter is actually how well the RAM is binned...sort of like CPUs, the memory chips on the stick can be of better or worse manufacturing. This depends entirely on the "silicon lottery", so some RAM may OC from 1333 MHz to 2400 MHz, while other RAM may go from 1600 MHz to 1866 MHz. It's all dependent on what the RAM is capable's kind of a crap shoot in that regard. Though, if you start with higher Bandwidth memory, you'll likely have better results than starting with lower bandwidth memory.
  2. I think I have the terminology wrong, by IMC I meant the NB/CPU.
  3. In that Though what your hardware (MB specifically) will support would dictate how much performance you could actually use.

    For example, AM3+ MBs support 1866 MHz natively...but they support OC up to 2800 MHz on some boards.
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