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All of a sudden I had a blue text-screen avoiding a start-up, but now no start at all anymore. A tiny red LED shows on the main-board (an ASUS P8P67) and goes off after a couple of seconds and the chip-ventilator stops. The (empty) CD-drive makes a starting-noice and stops, the screen-light flickrs only. This continues until I switch-off the computer entirely with the main-switch.

As I'm a dummie I'm completely lost!

Thanks in advance for a hint!

(The program is Windows 7 ultimate but not (yet) connected to the Net as I (re)loaded the software into a new computer and I have to buy, when the whole lot is working again, a new program. The (old) program is updated with Microsoft and works perfect in my new computer. When the old computer is working again I can re-instal the new program)
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  1. There two man fault let on asus mb the CPU and the hard drive boot device led. Start with unplugging the hard drive see if the system will boot into the bios and stay there. If it still acting up see if you can use another ps for testing. If the 12v CPU line goes bad a system won't post. The last issue could be a dead short on a part on the system. You may have to breadboard the system with one dimm and gpu. And swap the dimm or gpu to see if the mb r CPU failed.
  2. With HD disconnected same same unfortunately, even faster! I'll look for a spare power-supply first, So strange because the whole computer was working perfect until I changed-over onto the new one without a lot of fiddling-around with the hardware; I only took one HD out which wasn't the main-program HD.
  3. No way! I'm afraid that I have to leave it to a "profi" (lots of problems here in Asia..................)

    Anyway, thanks for your answer!
  4. Strange, strange, strange! Fiddling around I succeeded to get the computer connected by pushing F/5/6/7/8 together for a bit of time. Now the computer starts once, switches off and starts again leaving the computer running but without switching-on the screen! The screen works perfect on another computer. Changing the graphics-card: no result i.e. the same. The screen-LED flickers as in stand-bye mode.
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