Hard Drive only spins after connecting ide-sata converter

So, my HDD which is a Seagate 150gb, has a ide-sata converter as the HD is old, it' plugs into the pin-holes at the back, and then a small powerlead connect to my PSU and a sata cable comes off the device that is attached to the HD.

Now for some reason after my HD not being detected, I notice it wasn't spinning up either so while on post screen hanging ( trying to detect it? ) I pull out the ide-sata converter and i hear it spin up...
If i plug the converter back in, it'll stay working, as I just restart the PC and the power stays on... So does the drive.

Any reason to this?
I did a HD health check

I only have 1 Uncorrectable sector count so I assume the HD is not the problem.

my ram is being replaced in the next few days as thats turned up over 400 errors in memtest before the 1st pass was done ( within an hour ) could that be the problem?

My second harddrive is never an issue, and i've switched the sata cables and same thing happens.

Is there a way to test the Mobo for errors?
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  1. Anyone?
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    I can't offer an explanation, but an IDE drive will hang up the interface if the IDE cable is installed upside down. Obviously you have discounted this possibility.

    The IDE hdd still needs its own power cqable connects though. The sata one only powers the adapter logic.

    To help others understand your setup, the following diagram may be useful:
  3. Anyone?, still really bothered by this issue.
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