don't know which files or program's to delete on dell desktop inspiron 531

my recovery disk is nearly full and i don't know what files or programs to delete so i can clean up my recovery disk as there is plenty of space on my (oc) disk as im unable to perform any back up & the disk clean has plenty of options on the (oc) disk but try & do a disk clean up on the recovery you only get the recycle bin & if you click the top right it goes to programs & i don't know what ones to keep & the bottom of the recovery disk clean up options you have delete recent back ups & restore points but im very wary of clicking here is this a option i should try or leave well alone?.All help/Advice is greatly Apreshated.THANK YOU
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  1. Umm...idk if I would be helping but if you delete thing like extra browsers like if you only use internet explorer you dont need Bing or Google Chrome but leaving Google Toolbar is good. Just think about what you use and what your pc actually needs like if you see something called realtek thats your audio drivers so you need them but say you got old printer drivers or softwares and you only got one printer and no longer use the old ones that may help too. Also run a Disk Cleanup and delete your cookies you never know how much is floating around on your pc especially if you don't do regular maintenance I do a disk cleanup every single day it probably removes anywhere from like 1MB to sometimes depending on how downloading browsing and errors I may run into it can remove up to 10MB. I know this isn't a lot but without knowing or seeing a list of all your programs installed under the controll panel I can't advice removing anything else for sure without compromising your system.
  2. thank you for that much appreciated,have a nice day
  3. No problem I wish I could of better help you have a good day too! :)
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