If I have two Hard Drives, can I remove the backup without effecting the windows on the primary?

I purchased a computer on Craigslist around last Christmas. The seller was reliable and for months the computer was preforming fine, albeit making a clicking sound on start up and intermittently through usage. I came to find after taking my computer in for repair after it refused to boot, that my computer's internal backup hard drive was failing. The primary hard drive was still in working order though. My question is, will simply removing the failing hard drive effect my Windows 7 installation Most Likely. Because of the nature of my purchase off of Craigslist, I do not have the windows disk and product key.
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    As long as windows is installed on the other disc then its no different to pulling a USB thumb drive from the PC.
    Its just extra storage,
    What may happen is that if programs are installed to the drive you remove then they obviously wont work anymore.
    Mactronix :)
  2. It depends on if the secondary drive was installed prior to OS installion. If so, it may fail to boot since windows like to put the boot loader on a seperate drive from the OS. The easy way to find out is to shut the computer down, disconnect power from the secondaty drive, and try to boot. If it's not successful, turn the computer off and reconnect power to the secondary drive.
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