Somebody please suggest AM3+ socket type Motherboard, Processor and a decent PSU.

Guys, i am on an extremly tight budget for gaming pc build and therefore decided to start with good basic motherboard , processor and power supply unit,

and adding minimum needed Hard disk, Ram, and optical drive so that i can have basic home pc experience. (just some music, web browsing, videos and necessary general softwares, till i'll upgrade these to max. limits with sone dedicated graphics card, sound card, etc. For the gaming experience, in upcoming next two or three months)

What are the diff. Options you guys suggest for psu, mo-bo and processors.

for the motherboard, it should have

- AM3+ type socket.
-at least 2 slots for 1600MHz DDR3 RAM with at least 16 GB maximum limit.
- usb 3.0 slot
- and all other necessary slots, and PCI express ports should be enough to have double GPU, and Hard disk system, and dedicated sound card in near future as i am pretty sure to have them, just in two or three months...

For processor, i can't afford intel's whatever i's there are, i have to go with AMD , it should have
- 2 or 4 cores
- AM3+ socket (any other suggestion if it'll be best for me?)

and i just wanna know what does 'integrated graphics' mean in a processor.

For powersupply, anyone that can provide enough watts after it'll be fully upgraded.

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  1. Budget?
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    for motherboard, cpu and psu it should not exceed 14000 INR.
  3. What site do you use and i think you posted budget wrong.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    What site do you use and i think you posted budget wrong.

    websites used: or

    i am from india.

    Let it be, around 16000 Rs, no problem.
  5. hold on.
  6. no problem. Waiting...
  7. Best answer
  8. and one more question plz.
    Did u saw that integrated graphics written in the specs of this fx4100 processor...
    What does it mean?
    I thought graphics unit has to be on motherboard... Is this have nothing to do with gpu?

    And you sure that 450w will be okay even after full upgrade, i mean dedicated cards...and othr stuff.
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