USB 3.0 front panel with an ASUS P8H61-i

Hello, im new in this comunity and i'd like to ask a question.

I bought a cooler master elite 120 advance mini itx case which has an USB 3.0 front port. I also bought an ASUS p8h61-i mobo which has 2x 3.0 usb ports in the back. Is there something I can do to actually have a functional 3.0 front port? (because i guess the back 3.0 ports wont be working either)

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  1. From Your manual (Rev 3)
    Your Back panel USB ports should work (requires windows and USB 3 drivers).
    You do not have a 20 Pin USB3 connector on MB for connecting front panel usb3 Ports, You only have a USB2 MB connector for front panel USB2.

    You only have ONE PCI-e slot (a x16) which is normally for GPUs.
    If not using a GPU card, then Do NOT know if you can plug in a pci-e x1 (or x4) card that provides usb3.

    Are the front panel (case) usb ports USB2 or USB3. If USB2 then plug the cable into the MB USB2 connector.

    For USB3 functionality and you have Front panel USB 3 ports you only have three options:
    1) Buy a pci-e -> usb 3 card (CAN ONLY do this if you do NOT intend to put a graphics card in the X16 slot.
    2) Buy a cable that will mate to your internal cable, route it out the back and plug into one of the two USB3 on back-panel .
    3) Probably the cheapest and what I would opt for in your case. Buy a 4 Port USB3 Hub plug it into one of the 2 USB3 ports in back and locate the hub for convient access.
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