Is the GeForce 8500 GT worse than integrated Intel HD 4000?

If I have a system that's composed of:
Asus P8Z77 - V LX2
Intel i5 3570K
8 GB ram DDR3 1600 CL9
750W PSU

Would the integrated graphics with the i5 be better than using a 8500 GT?

By 'better' I mean in terms of:
Video playback
3D modeling
Photo editing
Minor gaming
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    According to Tom's Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart, it is on par with an 8600GT, however, you may gain features that the HD 4000 doesn't have such as OpenGL and Hardware T&L. Discrete graphics are usually always better than integrated. Here is a link to Tom's chart, you can look it over and decide for yourself. In my opinion, you probably wouldn't notice the difference either way.,3107-7.html
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