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I want to build my own desktop and i have most of the pieces, I'm just struggling with finding a good CPU chip for a reasonable price. What I'm looking for is a good Intel chip that will run at about 3.GHz but if possible have some sort of a boost to get higher. But thats not crucial. I'm willing to spend around 200-250$.
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  1. the new i5-4670k is right there in that price range.
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    You basically have two choices Ivy Bridge i5-3570k (socket 1155) and Haswell i5-4670k (socket 1150). They do not share the same socket which means they do not fit in the same motherboard.

    Haswell is on average 5% more powerful than Ivy Bridge at the same clockspeed. Based on a lot of posts, the overclock limit for the i5-3570k is about 4.6GHz or 4.7GHz. Based on the few post I've seen Haswell is so limited to being OC'ed to 4.3GHz.

    Socket 1155 is dead, socket 1150 will live on into next year when Intel releases Broadwell. In 2015 Intel will introduce yet another socket for Skylake and it's 2016 successor, Skymont. In 2017 Intel will launch the successor to the Skylake/Skymont with yet another CPU generation and a new socket.
  3. I think I'm gonna go with the i5-3570k mainly for the over clocking. Do you guys actually do it yourselves or give it to someone? Because this is the first desktop im gonna build and really want to get into the technical stuff and learn as much as i can by myself. Does anyone have any tips by any chance :) BTW does this combination sound good?: 2x Nvidia GTX 670 SLI, MSI Z77 motherboard, sniper black edition windowed case, not sure what cooling system i should use but I'll figurer it out and the rest is just small parts that il get here and there.
  4. how will it hurt the performance i heard that the GtX 670 SLI would be stronger than a GTX 780. and i can live with that i thnk
  5. The 3570K is rather easy to OC, once you hit about 4.4 to 4.5 then voltages really start to come into play, with a little help and a decent chip can take it to 4.6-4.7 for 24/7 use, when you get ready give a shout
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