Installing windows 7 on a new hard drive - unable to create partition

I bought a new 2TB hard drive for my PC, after installing it (and removing the old one (my motherboard only has space for 1hard drive)) and trying to install windows 7 it says that "system was unable to create a new system partition or locatean existing system partition". I read a few forums and tried doing the whole 'shift+F10' then selecting the disk and cleaning it then creating a 50gb partition on it but i keep getting the same message. Can anyone help?
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  1. What motherboard do you have?
  2. hybird9012 said:
    What motherboard do you have?

    I dont know. How do i find out?
  3. Go in bios by pressing del, f2 or f6 depending on your bios boot screen. Or you can download CPU-z and look at the 'Mainboard' tab. You can download it here:
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