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Need help...Have a M4N78 PRO MOBO s/n 93M0AI470025, P/N# 90-MIB7C0-G0AAY00Z, 2 PROCESSORS (OPTERON OSA248CEP5AL, AMD 2001). Anyone have any of the drivers? no help...
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  1. It's already here, what else do you need?
  2. hey, thanx for the response, but that is not the mobo. mine is as i described above and has provision for 2 cpus, not one like the link to asus....and not 100% sure that the drivers for that one will work with my 2003-2005 mobo.. any thoughts?
  3. If you're asking about being able to use that Opteron CPU with your motherboard then no, you can. The board ultilizes AM2+ socket while the CPU you mentioned uses amd 940 socket.
  4. correct, it is the 940 socket, but what i am looking for/asking is since my mobo is the older board and has two 940 sockets for two separate cpus and the current M4N78 PRO on asus's website only has provision for one cpu socket (regardless of socket number like 940/am2 ect..) and is, of course, newer with newer chip sets- will the drivers (all drivers-video/sound/chip set ect..) of that newer mobo on work with my older board? If not where can I find the video/sound ect drivers for my older board...which is the crux... in short, sorry, I guess I wasnt very clear on my need.
  5. close but not cpus are directly parallel to each on on the boad. have the original box with s/n and p/n numbers...tryin to figure out how to upload pics of it in this blog for you??..sorry ima.noob
  6. nope..thats a server board...the info I included at the top blog entry about the board is correct (s/n, p/n). it is a m4n78 pro, I was there when it was purchased and still have the orig box. just not the driver disks... I just think asus has changed the chip layout from when this was purchased back in '03/'04.. is there a way i can upload a pic of this to the blog?
  7. Yes, just upload the image to, then post the link here.
  8. just spins forever not uploading and i checked everything..can i send an email?
  9. well you can use flickr, photobucket or imageshack also. My account is somehow bugged with receiving PMs.
  10. I think it's not even an Asus board now, and someone really gave you the wrong box. It's quite close to this one :

    Few others with similar layout can be found here :

    Only different would be socket type ( doesn't affect any drivers, anyway ).
  11. are a decorated vet when it comes to mobos...honorary doctorate worthy at the least...

    i used a magnifying glass and found these numbers; tyan, e114139 94v-0 , 47-0041-338g , yang an ya-3a

    double checked to make sure all numbers i posted above r correct..

    so back to orig ? is there drivers for this board...I poked in the numbers in tyan's web site and got a no-go.,,,and pretty sure I did it right.
  12. I think drivers for S2875 model will work with your board.
  13. thnx...i will give it a try
  14. found it,,and a missing number on the board (kinda hidden between the procs) s2875 away from the the tyan name

    tyan link for xp drivers is:

    thnax again for helping..this was a chase...
  15. Best answer
    Yea, that was tough ;) Remember to pick your best answer on the way out.
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