Upgrading keyboard from blackwidow

i have a Razer Blackwidow and it is starting to fail me, more than anything i just want to upgrade as i am changing my entire build and it doesn't really fit anymore,

what i am looking for is a mechanical keyboard with mx browns or blues, i have blues now and i like the feel of it but it is a strain to do a lot of typing on but i am open to ideas

as for the keyboards themselves, I like the sizing of the Blackwidow but i wouldn't mind something a bit smaller, i don't necessarily need macro keys, i like having them but i never really use them, i have been looking at the ducky shine 2 but i find it just a tad small

backlighting is a major improvement in my books, green preferably, but anything but blue

my budget is fine as long as it isn't more than 200, so no S.T.R.I.K.E. keyboards

thanks guys
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    Just get a Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger. It's one of the best mechanical keyboards out there. :) Also, it's quite far under $200, at ~$110.
    EDIT: Or, for a bit more money, the CM Storm Quickfire Pro :)
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