Help deciding, AMD A4 or Intel Core i3??

Hi all,

I just bought a Samsung ultraportable laptop, I had two flavors to choose from one with an AMD A4 processor and the other with an Intel Core i3 processor. I chose the AMD one because it was cheaper, but now that I have been playing with the laptop I've noticed that performance get compromised when performing simple multitasking... once I was downloading a file and watching a video on you tube and it starts lagging real bad, another time I was copying some files from an external hard drive to the internal HDD and then played a song and the laptop showed problems to play the song, it stops from time to time...

So I was wondering is there going to be a difference if I exchange it for the intel core i3 processor? I have to say that difference in price is about $250 USD more for the Intel processor, I don't know if it would be worth it.

My main activities for the laptop is to create document, presentation, excel sheets, internet browsing, download music and videos, and video streaming.

What would you recommend, should I go for the more expensive Intel core i3? I mean, would I see a real performance difference against the AMD A4??

Here are the laptop specifications:

Option 1 (One I already bought)
Processor AMD A4-4355M dual-core @ 1.9 GHz,
Turbo frequency 2.4 GHz,
Graphics AMD Radeon HD7400G,
Screen LED 13.3" (1366*768),
Windows 8 (64 bits).

Option 2
Processor Intel® Core™ i3 3217U (1.8 GHz, 3 MB de caché L3) Intel HM76
Graphics HD Intel® 4000
Screen LED 13.3" (1366*768),
Windows 8 (64 bits).

I really appreciate your suggestions...
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  1. Short answer: The i3 3217U puts the A4 4355M to shame.
  2. As far as raw processing power, the 3217U is about twice as powerful as the A4-4355M, this doesn't translate into it being twice as fast in real-life applications, but it is significantly faster. Here's a benchmark comparison:
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