Beginning new build ... H100i Paste or Arctic Silver 5?

Within the next couple of days I should have all the components I need to begin building my new gaming PC. I'm going to run with an H100i cooler on top of an i7-3770k CPU. Should I use the H100i's factory paste or should I wipe it and use some Arctic Silver 5?
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  1. The AS5 would be marginally better but will require around 100 hours to cure.
  2. MX4 < would be my suggestion
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    If u have some AS5 then switch it out if not then stick with whats on there and see how temps are, if there not what u want then switch pastes
  4. Yeah I have some AS5. It's worked well for me in the past, but I didn't know if it would be a waste to remove the H100i's paste or not.
  5. I never use pre-applied paste.
  6. I think I'll just go with the AS5 then. Thanks for all the replies.
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