Looking to Upgrade GPU or Whatever May be Bottlenecking my PC


I'm looking to do some serious gaming in my PC besides LoL and WoW (i.e. more graphic intensive games than these). I don't have a lot of trouble running current games, but they leave a lot to be desired look-wise, and sometimes they start getting "choppy".

I have a $350 $400 budget for immediate upgrades, but I would be very thankful for any suggestions to improve my system in the future.

Here's my build:
MoBo: Asus P7P55 LX
CPU: Intel Core i7 870 @2.93GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6000 series (1GB onboard memory)
PSU: Corsair TX750

I'm open to any suggestions (CrossFire or SLI too) and if the setup can support dual monitors, better yet.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 770 what I would recommend, really good price/performance.
  2. Or if your gaming across both monitors, not one game + one desktop, a radeon hd 7970 wouldnt be bad for the budget, and there are some killer game bundles that come with it for free.
  3. Agree give the CPU you have I think the 7870 XT would be your best bet and it will not set you back $400.
  4. Although I would persoanlly choose a different branding. I've been hearing a lot about powercolor having... higher temps than other manufacturers
  5. Thanks for all the replies! The HD 7870 XT / SSD combo looks like an awesome idea. By the way, I just want to play on one of the monitors. Would a processor like the Intel 3570k help me performance wise, or am I better off waiting to upgrade to a Haswell with a new motherboard?
  6. iknowhowtofixit said:
    I run dual 1920x1080 monitors. I'm also running an AMD 955 BE and a regular non-XT HD7870. I can max out pretty much anything at 1920x1080 and I only game on 1 monitor. Your CPU and graphics card will be one notch up from mine. You should have no problem with the stuff you have now. An SSD will breathe new life into your rig and the new graphics card should be fine for the next year, at the least.

    If you want to give yourself another little boost in performance, I would overclock your i7-870 to 3.3-3.4 GHz. That should be a pretty easy CPU to overclock. The 7870 XT should be very "overclockable" as well.

    Thanks sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.
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