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Hey, Im running xp media center edition and i just made a clean install without reformatting my drive. It improved my speed 100%, but I dont want any old files or programs from before. I want to just wipe my whole drive and reinstall XP again. I read that I can make an installation CD using the same i386 files I used for the previous clean install. but when i looked in the i386 folder after reinstalling XP, I noticed that it has no files at all.

I'm using an older emachines PC with a couple self improved hardware upgrades and it came with windows preinstalled with no CD.

So my question is, can I somehow get those files back and make a CD with it? or am I stuck with this current install?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Do a search for the files, they could be in another i386 directory on the drive. If the files are not there, you can try a recovery software but I really doubt it will find anything because you have been using the computer and also over-wrote files with the new installation.

    Borrow an XP disk from someone or buy one.
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