Are these temps safe? (only gpu oc) and can i overclock the cpu

Hi everyone i finally decided to get the cm evo 212 cpu fan to replace the stock intel one. My idle temps for the i5-3570k are now 30°C while the gpu (asus 670) is at 31°C. Before they were 36°C and 31°C respectively. In intensive games like far cry 3 i was getting up to 82°C on the cpu and 73°C on the gpu, now its 65°C and 73°C respectively. My gpu is overclocked to 1125/6250. I was wondering if its safe to oc the cpu and what temps should be the max?
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  1. The gpu temp seems fine but the cpu temps seems way too high on both the stock cooler and hyper 212.
    What program are you using to read your temp?
  2. core temp
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    Are you sure you mounted the Hyper 212 EVO correctly? How did you apply the thermal paste?
  4. In the centre and spread it around with my finger in a ziploc bag.
  5. You may have too much thermal paste on your CPU all you NEED IS A PEA SIZE DROP IN THE center of the Cpu then install your heatsink it will spread across your CPU I have seen people put so much on before there pc wouldn't run 30 secs and wonder why it ozzing off into the board.
  6. I never put it on before so i may have been too generous.
    edit: The thermal paste that came pre applied didn't spread evenly and parts of the cpu had none on it so i thought it needed it all around. Also is it bad if i leave it? And will the excess disappear with time? And what temps should i consider normal?
  7. I suggest you remove your cpu cooler and remove all the thermal paste you put on and re-apply it using the pea method that johnnyb105 explained above.
    You can remove thermal paste multiple ways, such as using non-conductive alcohol with a non-conductive wipe (toilet paper) and wipe it off both the cpu and cpu cooler.

    Edit: Do you mean that when you removed the stock cooler, you didnt see any thermal paste on your cpu??
  8. I used 95% or was it 99% isopropyl alcohol? and qtips and coffee filters the first time to remove the intel thermal paste, can i use that method again? There were parts of the cpu that had none on it and the matching part on the fans heatsink also had none.
  9. Make sure it was 99% and make sure it wipe it clean.
    Once the cpu and cpu heatsink is clean, just put a pea size right in the middle of the cpu and then re-install the hyper 212.
  10. Is it possible you can upload or send me a link to what it should look like (the pea sized amount) and what it looks like after the fan smooshes it down?
  11. This website should help:
    It explains on how to remove it and how to replace the thermal compound. I wouldn't recommend lifting the cpu cooler back up, though.
    Just apply the thermal paste, put on the hyper 212 and install it without lifting it back up.
  12. That small amount is all i need? I used like two and half times that. What do you mean by not lifting the cooler back up? Don't i have to, to get under it?
  13. Or do you mean to lift it up with one hand and with my free hand try to wipe away the excess?
  14. I mean, you have to completely uninstall the cpu cooler anyways to clean it.
    What i'm saying is, in the link I provided the guy used the cpu cooler to smoosh it down and brought the cpu cooler back up to show you how it looks like when you smoosh it down
    Don't do that. Once you re-apply the thermal compound, just install the cpu cooler normally. Once the cpu cooler makes contact with the thermal compound, try to keep the contact together.
  15. Ok, i did that too when i first installed it to make sure it was spread evenly. Thanks for the help.
  16. All you have to do is the pea size amount when you put your heatsink on and snap it in place it will spread the thermal paste even about the cpu no worrys about if theres ample amount just one pea size amount will go a long way and yes too much will make your chip get hot and could smoke it!
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