Looking for a new graphic card...need suggesstions!

i have a....
intel core 2 duo e7400 2.80 ghz cpu
2gb ddr2 ram
gigabyte g41 motherboard

and my graphic card which was the nvidia geforce 9500 gt 512mb isnt working anymore.. i need a can anybody suggest me a new card in the price range of around 75-80 usd ???
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    One of these:

    Assuming you're in the US. If a 7770 costs too much, consider a 7750 or 650/650Ti.
  2. thanks for the reply...and no.. i m actually in india..and 7750 looks great...i might just go for it....but if possible i would like a card in an even lower range....because i m bout to upgrade my entire system ...but thats around 1-2 months from nw...might go for an i3 or i5.......but i need a graphic card nw...cant live without one...i generally play games like ac3, dead island, skyrim (did nt work on the 9500 gt),cod,battlefield.........and ya even if i go for the 7750....will it be compatible with the latest motherboards wen i upgrade my system
  3. how about the hd 6670....

    actually i dnt always purchase online...and the prices are lower if u dont go it'll be cheaper as compared...thats not an issue.
  4. 6670 is much weaker - stretch your budget if you can.

    Where I am street prices are way higher than online.
  5. ok fine...but..any suggestions from the nvidia side?
  6. 650, or 650Ti if your budget allows it. Suggest the 7750 though.
  7. hey good news, i'll be goin for the 7770 after all....stretched my budget!...but thats around 3 weeks from now wen i upgrade my system.....for the time being i got a good deal on a geforce 610 and a 620 gt from a couple of guys i knw.....THEY a secondhand for around 28USD !!....both are bought thIS year (i m gettin the bill along with it)....WHICH ONE SHOULD I GO FOR?.........anywaz can u please tell me whether they'll be compatible with my current motherboard and system....??? my mother board is a gigabyte G41......
  8. Anything with a PCIe x16 slot will work.

    I'd wait the three weeks - no point spending $30 on a card you won't use for long. Spend it on getting a 650Ti.
  9. are u sure about that?..actually i m nt much into computer hardware ...but according to what i hear the g41 motherboard does not support ddr3 or something like that ....i actually have no idea about this...can u please tell me whether the geforce 620 gt will be compatible with my motherboard......???

    and ya i actually cant wait......because its not only for gaming that i use the card for.....its even for my work...and i need to get one ASAP....
  10. DDR3 is the system RAM (in your case DDR2). Nothing to do with the GPU's VRAM. Every card from the last ~8 years will work.

    You can't get the 7770 now? It will work fine on your current system.

    Integrated graphics is too slow? Should have X4500 HD on it, which while pretty slow, can at least play movies etc without much hassle.
  11. OK THATs GREAT.....!!...
    the thing is i can only get the new system after payday u know....thats after i get my salary....which is around three weeks from nw....and i have work which needs a graphic card rite nw....i know hw ridiculous all this sounds but thats hw it is ....

    i still am looking out for more options ........

    btw i actualy checked out the reviews of the 620gt ...its obviously not much but its not too bad either....will do for my currents needs...checked it out on many sites....heres an example.....
    check this out
  12. When you say "new system", do you mean an entire new PC, including CPU/MB etc, or just the GPU? You can get the GPU now and move it to the new PC when you get it.

    Integrated graphics is definitely too slow, huh?
  13. by new system i mean a new pc ......will be goin for an i5.....
  14. Right. Can you afford to get the 7770 now, and the rest in 3 weeks?
  15. problem solved a 9600gt from my cousin ....he isnt using his desktop.....and hes gonna let me use it till i get my new system....
  16. hey got the 9600gt.....will be goin for the 7770 later......thank you very much for your help...really appreciate your quick replies.....thanks alot buddy....
  17. dude can you please close this thread by choosing someone somwhere's answer as the solution?
  18. Someone Somewhere said:

    Integrated graphics is too slow? Should have X4500 HD on it, which while pretty slow, can at least play movies etc without much hassle.

    Its really bad. Gets about 2 FPS on Unigine Valley benchmark at 640x480.
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