Need help setting up GPU/Computer to monitor?

Alright so basically im in a situation where there is no VGA Cable on my GPU but the only cable outlet on my monitor is a VGA so i need some kind of converter/adapter for a VGA to HDMI or VGA to DVI but heres the thing, its not any normal dvi slot i cant seem to find something to fit it. heres a picture of them (theres 2 DVI Ports and an HDMI Port) Please help me guys!:)

Picture of ports: (Better view) (not so good)
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  1. A cheapo adapter is the solution.
    It might also be available at local electronics stores.

    Theres a chance your graphics card came with one, both of mine so far have.
  2. Not being mean but why did you buy a vga only monitor ? Vga is so outdated..... There is reasons why a graphics card has no vga one being graphics quality. That's like me putting av gas in my 4 stroke honda xr 600 lol it's not gonna work. Im sure there is gonna be an adapter.... If you bought this monitor just recently i'd return it and tell them im not computer savvy and bought the wrong monitor.
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