BSOD when trying to install Win7 64 with a new mobo

Dear all,

I have the following BSOD issue:
I have installed a new motherboard into my system (an MSI P43 C51). Before that I had a Gigabyte G41MT-S2P. The rest of the configuration is: Q9650, Thermaltake truespirit 90 cooler, 2x4GB DDR3 1333, GTX 470, 750W PSU, No-name case, SATA HDD 500GB, Windows 7 64bit.

Well, the issue first began when I tried booting into windows with the new motherboard: I received BSOD 1 second after windows started loading. I thought to myself.. new motherboard, new windows install, so i tried installing windows 7 64bit from DVD and USB stick, I get the STOP: 0x0000000A error during the installation. I changed the HDD, thinking it could be a bad sector problem, but no, the other harddisk behaved exactly the same. I have received BSOD at 40% extraction, 90% extraction and at the "Completing installation..." moment. I have also tried installing with only one memory stick, switched between ports, everything. The hardware I have is working, as I have been playing on my PC every day in the last month and received NO BSOD, also a had a small overclock on the CPU and GPU (100MHz on the CPU, as the old motherboard didn't support more than 343 fsb, and about 100MHz on the GPU). It was stable, no errors, no nothing.

My only thoughts are, after asking some acquaintances that work in IT Hardware support, that it could be a BIOS version problem (the BIOS is from 2005..) and the fact that my Win 7 installation kit is without ServicePack 1 (one colleague told me he's had this issue for more than once PCs and after trying to install with SP1, it went smoothly and without any errors.)

I just received a new, "virgin" DVD of Win 7 64bit with SP1. What I will try today is to flash the bios with the latest version and install the OS on a new, sealed HDD. It couldn't be my system components as they are compatible and they worked 1 day before with no problems! I have literally NO IDEA of what else could be the problem. Today I will try the install from the new DVD and with the new BIOS version. If that doesn't work, I have no idea what I can do.. this is one sucky situation.

If you have any suggestions, please, don't keep them for yourselves :-D

Thank you!
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  1. First BIOS for this mainboard is from 2009. Details aside, updating it is a good idea. I basically agree that the only two option for BSODs are BIOS and faulty installer.
    Make sure to load fail-safe defaults in BIOS.
  2. Bejusek said:
    First BIOS for this mainboard is from 2009. Details aside, updating it is a good idea. I basically agree that the only two option for BSODs are BIOS and faulty installer.
    Make sure to load fail-safe defaults in BIOS.

    thank you very much for your quick answer ! I'm at work at the moment and I can't think of anything else other than this !! :D
    well, if the first bios for this mobo is from 2009, it's strange that it says 2005 when i start it. i will update the bios today and i will try the new DVD. will let you know if I manage to solve this issue.

    If you have any other suggestions please let me know !

  3. 2005 is probably the copyright date. Ever buy a new book and it says 1975 copyright. It doesn't actually mean it was made in 1975, it means it was originally written in 1975.

    First of all, why did you replace the motherboard?
  4. I replaced the mobo because i want to through a decent overclock for this q9650 (which is an overclocking beast). the old mobo did support a fsb change only up to 343. anything past that crashed (it's because of the G41 chipset).

    thank you for the info regarding the copyright date. i will be trying the following: reset the cmos (taking out the battery), flash bios, install from a new dvd, on an unused HDD. If that doesn't work, i give up
  5. the same exact problem came up. i even changed the gpu and memory sticks. i'm starting to believe it's a problem with the motherboard..even though it was sealed when i received it, with bubbly wrapping and all that. what do you guys think?
  6. I agree. Since the rest of your hardware is tested and known to be working, it looks like the motherboard is faulty. Try RMAing it.
  7. I have tried everything yesterday. nothing worked. changed the motherboard, worked like a charm (no BSOD, not even an error). got to desktop in 15 mins tops. motherboard is probably faulty. sent it back to the provider. thank you for your opinions!
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