Can "Start screen" act as full fledged "Desktop screen"?

Hi, can one save or store files like microsoft word pages, recycle bin, "my computer" etc on the "Start Screen" of windows 8 or only the web pages can be saved on the "Start screen" like internet explorer, google, face book, twitter, weather, news etc? I am asking this to find out whether one can convert the "Start screen" to "Desktop screen" so that there is no need to switch between the "Start screen" and the "Desktop screen", or the microsoft word files, recycle bin, "my computer" etc can only be stored on "Desktop screen"of windows 8?

I understand microsoft is planning to modify the windows 8 with the 8.1 version where one can directly log on to the "Desktop screen" bypassing the "Start screen" but i am just curious for the time being can one convert the "Start screen" to "Desktop screen" as pointed above by adding the usual desktop contents to it? Thanks!
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    Try using start is back, its a program that puts the start menu just like in windows 7. Basically, when you click the orb, you can see all the programs just like in metro. hope that helps
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