New 27-inch Monitor

Hello, i'm looking for a new 27 inch monitor.
I will use it for gaming, web surfing, watching movies and working on powerpoint/java .
I'd like if you can give me an option for a 1920x1080p monitor and an option for a 2560x1440 monitor.
I live in Italy, and I can buy it on and on .

not more than 350€ for the 1920x1080p
not more than 600/700€ for the 2560x1440p.

My rig is:
cpu i5 750 @ 3,2 ghz
gpu gts 250 1gb (plan to upgrade in christmas)
4gb ram
120gb ssd
500gb hdd for storage
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  1. open your web browser, put and in to the address bar, find a monitor. lazy sob.
  2. sam_p_lay said:

    What about the Dell u2713hm?

    And for a 1080p monitor the asus mx279h?
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    The Dell is probably a good choice. Only thing I don't like with Dell is that you can't be 100% sure they'll use the same panel as the model you've seen reviewed (called the 'panel lottery'). Asus seem to stick to using the same components so their displays are a safer bet. Plus they have a pixel overdrive tech called Trace Free which achieves better pixel response than anything else I've ever seen. Most pixel response tech either causes a visual flaw called 'overshoot' (different kind of trails) or fails to adequately reduce the original trails. That MX279H looks like a really nice display. See if you can find a review for it, though it's probably a safe bet.
  4. okok,
    last thing:
    If I get the 1440p monitor, will a single 7970 GHz be enough to play at high-ultra settings on current games and newer, or should I wait the next amd cards( I've heard that in Christmas the 9xxx should be out)?
    I think my gts 250 will have hard time at 1440p (probably at 1080p too)
  5. It won't be powerful enough. Even the Titan can't handle the most demanding games at 1440p and ultra. It's the main reason I wouldn't want a 1440p monitor.
  6. sam_p_lay thank you, I'll get the 1080p because I prefer play at ultra/near ultra settings instead having an high resolution.
  7. Same as me :-) Hope you enjoy your purchase.
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