Need convincing to get 256GB 840 Pro

So I'm for sure going to get a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro at the very least, but I am considering getting the 256GB one. I'm skeptical I will need or want that much space, but if anyone can convince me through logic or jokes, I'm down for it :)

Note: If I get the 256GB instead of the 128GB, then no One Ring (LotR, you know? yes.) for me.
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    256GB is the minimum size for OS + Apps + Select Games Installed on SSD. Game load times in particular go down on an SSD. I personally have a dedicated 256GB SSD for just games so I don't have to be too specific on what's installed, and I like the separation of an OS+Apps drive from the Games drive.

    One other benefit of the large SSD is that you can correspondingly write more before it wears out. If a given 128GB SSD has xTB of write life to it, a 256GB SSD will have nearly 2xTB of write life. Even more so actually, since at 128GB, you may be shuffling data a lot if you get near full.
  2. If you don't think you'll need the space, go ahead and go for the 128GB.

    If you find that you really do need more space, you can always just get a second and RAID them.
  3. I guess my only other potential long it will be until a Samsung "850" (there is already a 850 monitor series, but still) Pro series.
  4. I think that 128GB is plenty for an OS and programs drive. Mines got about 35GB of free capacity.
  5. Hmm...I appear to have 170GB of games lol wow! I don't think all of them need to go on the 256GB SSD? If I go with the 128 I spend almost no money thanks to a gift card, but the 256GB is so alluring :) I'm just gonna bite the nail and go for the 256GB! Thanks for the input peoples! :D
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