Reinstall affect on second HDD?

I am reinstalling W7 on my SSD as I am changing CPU and Mobo and would like clean install. I have a second HDD with my files/data. But I also have quite a bit of software on this second HDD (Steam, Photoshop etc.).

I was wondering after I reinstall W7 on the SSD, then setup my second hdd that all the software/programs will work as normal. I'm led to believe the reinstall doesn't affect the secondary hdd, but im not sure.
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  1. If you have Photoshop, etc installed on the second drive, you'll have to reinstall them again. The new OS installation won't know about them.

    Files and data are fine.
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    First off changing the MB will void your cd key if its an oem copy. Next reinstalling the os will nuke any program on the seconday harddrive, while all your softwar/programs are still their they are not tied to the os anymore and will not work, they will have to be reinstalled again.

    Even though your are installing the programs on a second harddrive a little bit of info is still being written to the c drive in the registry, once you reinstall the os the programs have no idea what to do and will not load when trying to open them.
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