CPU keeps overheating and shutting off my PC.

Upgraded an old packard bell iMedia 3064 with 2GB of ram and a new heat sink with fan. However since before this my computer keeps shutting off randomly and is even worse after adding these upgrades. Anyone know what might be wrong with it?

It reaches around 90-100 degrees after just turning it on, I'm not sure what the issue is. I have applied thermal paste and it's not a static problem.

Power supply info: http://bit.ly/11GY68M
New fan: amzn.to/12FR6fL
- Also there is no video card and only around 500GB.
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  1. its a packard bell they had lots of probelm i would just chuck it
  2. power supply is junk. 14A on +12v is crap and probably only providing like 8A.

    considering its a PB, who knows what else is wrong with it.
  3. What is the heat sink? Did you clean off the old paste with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth/rag/etc.? What thermal paste did you use? How did you apply it?
  4. What is the new HSF? And what CPU?
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