Underpowered GPU or software problem ???!!!

I have an old problem, when I am playing heavy games the GPU shuts down and the screen goes black while the sound continues playing normally for 4 or 5 seconds then the sound dies until I press the restart button.
The computer (sometimes) after I press the restart button sounds a long boot-peep and restarts again until I unplug the power cable.
The question is: is it an underpowered GPU or a software problem ???!!!

My PC specifications:
Core I-5 2400
8GB Team Elite 1333MHz ram (2*4GB)
Powercolor HD 6770 1GB GDDR5
Western digital 750GB
Power supply 350W
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  1. your power suply is not enough that is the porblem
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    Definitely look into the PSU boss.. I think you need a minimum for that card of 550w
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