Upgrade Mainboard+CPU+RAM (+maybe GPU) 300-500€


I'm a bit out of date regarding knowledge of current pc parts and stuff that works well together, so I'm seeking your advice.

My current system built in 2007:

- PSU: 430W Seasonic (from original build)
- MOBO: ASUS P5Q PRO P45 (LGA775 socket, DDR2) (from original build)
- CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.4GHz (from original build)
- CPU Cooler: Alpenföhn Groß Clockner (from original build)
- RAM: 2x2GB GSkill PC2-1000 C5 (from original build)
- GPU: 3DClub AMD HD5770 (upgraded about 3 years ago)
- HDD: OCZ Vertex 4 (upgraded about 1 year ago)

What I do with my PC:

- Gaming
- Having lots of programs open at the same time
- Developing, debugging software

Why I think I need an upgrade:

- I really NEED more than 4GB of RAM. The mainboard is still on DDR2 and 8GB of DDR2 just doesn't seem like it's worth the price
- My 6GBit/s SSD is bottlenecked by my mainboard as it only supports SATA 3GBit/s
- UEFI, USB3 and stuff would be nice to have

I am looking for a upgrade at about 300-500€. I thought about a new mainboard+cpu+ram combo. My problem currently is that I look for a upgrade that is worth it in price per value. It's a bit hard for me to justify a CPU upgrade as it is still working great and running current games with no problems (It's ~6 years old and was well affordable! Best purchase ever!).

If I am not mistaken a much better CPU is not really possible with this mediocore GPU. So would a additional GPU make sence in the upgrade? (within the budget!)

I would prefer the ASUS + Intel combo again as they served me well, but am open to other suggestion! Are the CPU cooler and PSU still fine, or not adviced to reuse such old parts?

In case I forgot some information feel free to ask.

Thank you.
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  1. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Can I overclock this CPU by a small amount like 4.0GHz? I thought there's a limit for the non-"K" editions and this chipset.

    Also, is it worth "suffering" (it's not that bad) for like a month more to get a better price, since haswell is very new? Or will there be not much difference?

    GPU looks really good! Thanks.
  2. oh if you want to overlcok yes but then il need to get a difrent motherboard same if you want to run multi gpu's
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    just swich for a k series processor if you want to ovelrock and this motherboard also the prices wont drop thtam uch because at that preforamce range amd cant beat intel
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