I'm looking to upgrade an old laptop.

I recently built my first desktop system. Flawlessly, although it did take me about 4 hours to get it all good and ready to go :p

I am now looking to upgrade the parts for a older laptop I have laying around that doesn't work anymore. I was going to try and find the parts that would fit the case (Toshiba Satellite M45) and "custom build" a pretty decent laptop by today's standards.

I would like to ask this awesome community if there are any good sites (like pcpartpicker) that will help me pick these parts or if a custom laptop is a pretty tough thing to find parts for / complete still? Or, would I be better off buying a new barebones laptop and upgrading from there?

Thanks in advance!
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    It's an 8 year old laptop. Aside from RAM, there is really nothing you can change on it.

    Because the innards of a laptop are so small, everything is designed and built around everything else. There are no other parts to buy to make it 'better'.
  2. Thanks guys! :)
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