new gpu or cpu/mobo

hi im toying between the idea of upgrading my mobo/cpu or my gpu my budget is £300/$469

cpu: Intel pentium g870@ 3.1 ghz
gpu: Asus 1gb hd7770 ghz edition
psu: 600w storm silent psu
ram: 4gb corsair ddr3 value
mobo: msi h61m-p31 mAtx
hdd: 500gb seagate barracuda sata 3
case: coolermaster k280 atx mid tower case
cooler: standard cpu cooler

im not sure between amd/intel and amd/nvidia also could you reccomend parts i wouldnt mind doing some oc'ing aswell
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    I don't think there is a right or wrong one to do first. If you slap in a great GPU you will get a bit of a increase but your CPU will hold you way back. If you put in a CPU/mobo you might get a small increase but your GPU will hold you back. With that said I always do CPU/mobo first. I would Highly recommend going intel i5 for gaming. Then wait till you got a bit of cash in the hopper and pop in a new GPU.
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