Computer keeps turning off

Had a homebuilt system that was working fine, but since moving it keeps turning off soon after booting.

It works like this:
1. Start into windows okay, after 1-2 minutes, it freezes, and will shut off eventually, or I have to just turn it off
2. Turn on, then while the bios screen is on, it freezes, or I have to shut it off.
3. Turn on, this time just a black screen.

Wait a while, then 1-3 repeats itself, and if I wait just a few minutes, it starts off at #2

*What I'm pretty sure I ruled out
1. I don't think this is classic overheating because in the bios the temperature never goes above 80-90F (CPU, etc.)
2. Software issue, as it has frozen in the bios

What I'm left with is thinking that some component is broken, maybe short circuits and overheats as a result of that, and causes the weird periods of being totally broken then it works briefly if you give it a rest.

What do you guys think the likely offender is? What can I do to figure it out?
1. PSU
2. Motherboard
3. CPU
4. Memory
5. ??
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  1. welll we need you system specs first
  2. If it freezes in the BIOS its most likely a hardware issue. Are you sure your temps are showing in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius? Specs list needed.
  3. I'm sure the temps are in F.

    System list:
    Intel 2500k
    Asus p8z77
    patriot 8gb memory ddr3
    corsair 600w power supply
    x4 hard drives
    ceton tuner
    radeon hd5700
  4. I guess my question is, in a system that otherwise seems normal except for turning off after an okay boot,

    a. how can I figure out which component is going hayware
    b. is there a known component that usually breaks this way (like oh hey, your PSU is going out, that can present as turning off after a few minutes of turning on. I'm making this up haha)
  5. Some quick diagnostics you can do:
    Check your RAM, if you have more than one stick, try one at a time, if not borrow someone else's or buy another.
    Check your PSU - Buy a tester from eBay (£10) or try someone else's/buy a new one.
    Check your CPU - if you applied thermal paste with a cotton bud, make sure there is no loose cotton in there etc, try someone else's, try downclocking it.
    Try a different Motherboard or breadboard for a bit. Something might be making it touch the metal of your case every so often causing it to short.
  6. ^Good advice. Triple check all connections too.
  7. thanks guys.
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