How much download and upload speed is good enough for gaming?

Right now I have this:

Is that good enough?

I recently moved, and one thing that was weird at first was that my upload was only 0.67 and for some reason I lagged A LOT in online games. I looked for answers forever until disconnecting my router and plugging my computer directly into the modem. Then, when plugging my router back in everything was normal. What could have caused this low upload speed?
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  1. Thats MORE than enough. Generally, games only use about 20 kb/s. Ping (or latency) is more important, yours is excellent. However, its you ping to the GAME server that has to be good (that speed test is to an extremely close speedtest host.
  2. Yeah, but when I had low ping with that upload speed, on COD I would sometimes randomly lose connection and time out. WTF?
  3. Could be an intermittent/ line issue. Could be the router. Could be a number of things. Could call your ISP hand have then do a line test.
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