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I am ready to install OS on the new build. I did it before but now I forgot my steps. Should I disable all SSD/HDDs first, or leave C drive connected? For the computer to detect DVD and boot from DVD do I need to go to BIOS and set boot priority or disable all drives? After computer boots from DVD first time, what do I do then? Do I format the SSD (C drive), or will it find itself (if it is connected) and do its thing? Thanks.
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  1. Change the boot Priority to DVD>HDD/SSD
    Boot from OS DVD
    It will ask to pick a partition; if its a new drive, create a new partition
    if its an old drive, delete the OS partition and create a new one
    Install OS
  2. UnplUg your data drive. Go into the bios change boot order to DVD. You get a message hit any key to boot from cd. Boot from the windows installer DVD. If the Ssd has a partion on it you need to go into advance mode and remove it. Windows makes two pations on install on a new drive. The system restore partion and drive c partion.
  3. So boot with DVD and SSD drive connected (or disconnected SSD?) to BIOS, set priority to DVD. Then it will boot to Windows and ask me what to do? I do not remember setting partition- will it offer options? Is there certain size I need to have for partition? I thought C drive is whole drive. Thanks.
  4. Normally you dont need to mess with the bios. On my asus board if i just tap F8 when powering on it opens a 1 time boot menu. It asks do you want to boot from DVD, USB or HDD.
    Select DVD and your off.
    If your doing a clean install and your not trying to save any data on the drives then use the windows installer to delete the partitions and creat new ones. (click advaced and delete) The windows installer will do the rest. If you have a drive in the computer with data you want to save then you have to be much more carefull about where you install to.
  5. If you delete the partition or have a new drive with no partition the windows install will make a nice new particion of the entire drive automatically. You dont need to adjust any of the settings.
  6. I have Asus motherboard as well. It is a new install. And this Deluxe board did not come with speacker :( Hope it does what it should. So not F2, but F8? Thanks.
  7. On my board delete will get me to the bios but F8 gets me to the 1 time boot menu. Your board might be different. It might be F2.
  8. It actually was entering BIOS over and over again. For some reason 1 of 2 DVD drives were not recognized, so when I disabled one, it left only SSD. But then with several restarts it went in to installation and now boots without DVD in. I am going to connect back HHD and 2nd DVD.

    So for the HDD, how do I get it to format? Is it under "Computer/Manage" section? Thanks.
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