Upgraded to 24GB, Now Windows Consumes More RAM?


I recently upgraded my PC from 12GB of RAM to 24GB. Though different brands, specifications are the same. I needed the upgrade because I was previously using 11GB of the 12GB my system had installed. The new memory is installed fine, no overclocking on anything. However, when running the exact same set-up as before, I am now using 15GB of RAM as opposed to 11GB. It's not exactly 100% more at this point.

I am wondering what the explanation is for this. The RAM I have now is from a much more reliable company that the set that was previously installed. I am running Windows 7. Is this a common trend for programs to use up more RAM when they have the capacity to? When my memory usage hits ~95% will I be reaching that extra 100%? Hopefully this question makes sense.

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  1. More than likely, before when you were using 12GB you were exceeding the 12 and the excess was being written to your page file in 'virtual memory' now with 24GB no need to do that, should be see an increase overall in performance
  2. Windows is a bit zealous about paging memory out to the disk. When you added more it probably encouraged it to put it into RAM.

    But what are you running that uses 15 GB RAM? My system is using 1.68GB of physical RAM + ~3GB paged to disk. Windows Vista 32 bit.
  3. There's a lot of programs that use lots of DRAM, and many use large data sets, I often take DRAM usage up over 20GB
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