Driver for Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 2GB DDR3 on Windows 7 fails

I have a problem with installation of graphic card on my new computer.
I installed Win7 64bit with all the updates. Drivers for my motherboard and graphic card were downloaded from the internet:
Graphic card:
When I install drivers for my Radeon HD 7750, and when I reboot, I get a black screen.
So I have to reboot again, get in safe mode, uninstall my driver.

What can I do?

My configuration:
Motherboard Asrock 970 EXTREME4, AM3
Procesor AMD FX-6300 X6 3,5 GHz BOX AM3+
Graphic card Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 2GB DDR3
RAM Kingston DDR3 16GB PC2133 (KHX21C11T2K2/16X)
SSD Samsung 840 Basic 120GB 2.5" SATA3 TLC 7mm, MZ-7TD120BW
Disc WD 2TB SATA6Gb/s 64MB (WD20EZRX)

Thanks for the feedback,
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  1. what the BSOD is indicating ? atikmdag.sys or atikmpag.sys or anything ?
  2. Hi, Have you tried an older ATI driver version?
  3. KAIJER, I didn't get BSUD, just black screen (or greyish one). I typed my password and got background Image, but could do nothing except reboot and go into safe-mode.

    alexoiu, first I wanted to install original driver from the disk I got with the graphic card, same problem.

    My computer is brand new.
  4. Is the latest BIOS version installed on the motherboard?
    Although it doesn't look like a BIOS issue, but more like a driver one, I would try though updating the BIOS and then testing again.
    When updating Windows, it installs an ATI driver. Does it work with that driver?
  5. I'll try it when I get home to install new BIOS, although it doesn't look like BIOS problem.

    Windows installs a simple VGA driver and it works, but I suspect I will have problems with the use of two monitors, some programs, games that needs the graphic card driver....
  6. I just realised...
    Can there be a problem with connecting two monitors on a graphic card?
    I have one on a VGA and one on DVI connector, but only the one on VGA works...The other one isn't recognized.
    I'll try to use just one - DVI
  7. The other one should work after configuring it in the Catalyst Center. Try with single monitor, update the driver and see if working.
  8. The problem is solved! ;)

    I uninstalled the old and installed new driver again (ver 13.4).
    When I got black screen on analog connection after windows logo, and wrote password "blind", I got just desktop picture. So I figured out that this is a second-extended monitor. I scrolled mouse on that monitor and made it my primary monitor. The driver installation was OK when I checked it.
    There was just few things that could be wrong:
    a. The DVI output is not working
    b. the monitor input is not working
    c. the cable is not working

    Finally I changed the DVI cable and screwed the screws tightly and voila, the second monitor is working. :cool:
    I just have to buy HDMI cable to change the analog one for it.

    thanks, guys, you were very helpful!
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