Huge FPS drop on Flash based UI in 3D online game?


I've been having a smaller problem with my FPS diving when using Flash based (Autodesk Scaleform / Adobe Flash) UI in a 3D online game (mmorpg). To give an example I go to a in-game vendor/shop and open the shopkeepers Flash based User Interface and the FPS drops from 60 (adaptive vertical sync limited) to 20 and then back again. I don't have other issues and the game runs really good in DirectX11 except when I use the Adobe Flash/Autodesk Scaleform UI...

I've tracked down several "solutions" online to the same problem in other similar online games with the same technology and tried all of them but non of them really helped and wondering if someone has had any luck or have any tips?
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  1. Is your flash fully updated?
  2. X79 said:
    Is your flash fully updated?

    It is thanks, but I believe that it is using another implementation of Flash to render the UI into DirectX that is called Scaleform, and I don't know if that can even be updated.
  3. No answer so far? Im getting the same problem.
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