Do i need to buy a new heatsink for my CPU?

Hey guys,

I am planing on building my first computer soon and is going to use a i5-3470 CPU. I can't and don't want to OC, so i want to know if i should buy the coolermaster hyper 212 evo heatsink to cool off my CPU. Some people tell me to do it and others tell me, that i don't need because i don't plan on OC, so the fabric heatsink is fine. What is you guys opinon on if i should or should not buy the heatsink and why.

Thanks :)
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    if u're not overclocking the stock heatsink is fine
  2. As jinayhvora if not overclocking the heatsink that comes with the cpu is fine as long as you don't wan't a really quiet one
  3. exact processor i bought yesterday, somebody asked the question already nice :D
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