Does the MSI B75MA-P45 have onboard graphics?

I wont be able to get a GPU for awhile and I want to be able to use my PC during that time.
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  1. The board appears to have a vga & dvi connector - however the graphics element is not on the motherboard itself, but part of the processor. as such you will have to buy a processor with onboard graphics (most cpu's for that socket have onboard graphics) and the model of processor you buy will determine the performance of the graphics solution.
  2. The MB don't have any onboard video card but it does support only by CPU with integrated graphic, that means you need have the cpu like i3-3220 with HD2500, ori7-3770 with HD4000, etc.
  3. I also have a question......
    That....can we run low graphic demanding games like spec ops....and fear 3 on msi b75ma-p45 and i3-3220
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