Win 7 problem after refomat.

hi,,i had formatted my aspire 4810t recently,but after formatted,my startup time takes almost 10 minute.i dont have any software installed yet except antivirus and mic office.i also had tried other solution at google search regarding this pblem,,but still the same..having hard time with the pblem..helppp...:??:
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  1. Why did you have to reformat? Virus? In that case, a simple format will NOT remove it, you need to wipe the system drive. After that, perform a factory restore according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you don't wipe the Restore partition, just the OS partition needs to be wiped.
    Before you go with the wiping, you can try to do a factory restore by itself, but if it doesn't fix your boot up problem you might have to proceed with the wipe. Sometimes the factory restore procedure has a wiping step included.
    If you are trying to perform a clean OS install from a different OS disk, then you have to perform the wipe before re-installing the OS again. That will ensure there are no viruses residing on the HDD prior to OS installation. Also, in this case, if the HDD is more than 5-6 years old, you might want to just replace the HDD and then perform a clean OS install.
  2. actually,my hard disk had bad sector..and the shop said i have to replace the new i bought new hitachi 500gb hd to replace the old 320gb hd..after i install win xp,,the window loading time take up almost 10 minutes.i also ask my friend to test and check my new hd,,all okay no pblem..can i use 500gb to replace the 320gb??or it can't fit the system??i tried using win 7,,the same pblem also..
  3. You can use the larger capacity just fine to replace the smaller capacity HDD, just make sure the motherboard supports it. Go over the specs of the motherboard and make sure it supports the HDD capacity you put in.
    Then, if supported, I recommend wiping the HDD and performing a clean install of the OS. Have all the system-specific drivers handy, as well.
  4. how to perform the wipe and factory restore..i didn't know much about this..:D
  5. For wiping I use a program called Killdisk, you can download and install the free version. Select the drive that needs wiping and run the erase on it. It is also available as a bootable disk image to use when system disks are in need of wiping.
    Factory restore of a HDD = wiping/erasing/zeroing the sectors. Same thing, this is what Killdisk does.
    Factory restore of a PC = reinstalling the factory image that came pre-installed on that PC. Usually done using some media provided by the vendor OR a recovery partition of the HDD, usually hidden, that can be launched using a hotkey combination (also specific for that vendor) while booting up. It should be in the manual.
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