What would benefit me more?

My current build is this:

Z77 mobo (1 pci 3.0 slot )
Nvidia GTX 660 2GB (Palit)
Kingston Hyper-x 16GB (2x8GB)
1TB HDD cant remember make 7200RPM
Case - NZXT with 6 case fans - fan controller + LEDs
Titan Heatsink + 1 fin
i5-3570 - 3.4GHz

I am going to be buying some upgrades for my PC and I'm not sure what to go for, either getting a i7-3770k or a i7-3930k or a GPU upgrade instead, to a GTX 770?

- The games that I cant run on high are games such as Arma 2 and 3, I think this maybe because my CPU can't handle the High particle density or the anisotropic x16

To make the question clear, what would I benefit from more, a i7-3770k or a GTX 770? I can afford a i7-3930k (six core) if its much of a difference from i7-3770k.

Many thanks :)
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  1. arma 2 is horribly coded game, even when my 7870xt was running 80-99% usage at mid-high settings @ 1680x1050 res. i couldnt keep steady 60 fps.

    I suggest you to sell that 3570 & gtx 660, buy an 3570k OC it as much as you can, and an gtx 770.
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