Laptop with i3 with gt740m vs i5 gt635m, which one would you choose?

I want to buy a laptop for school and gaming (games like Skyrim or Assassins Creed 3, but I don't need the highest details). Which one should I choose - with Intel Core i3 2348M with nvidia geforce gt740m or Intel Core i5 3210M with gt635m? Which one would you choose?
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  1. If I were buying a machine to play games on, I would chose neither . . . I would buy a desktop so it has good performance.

    If it absolutely had to be a laptop I would save more and buy something with a gaming card in it.

    The 740m will be a better gaming rig for non-cpu bound games as it's a faster card in general, but don't expect miracles with either.
  2. if laptop is the only option then go for GT 740M. If it's not an ultrabook and if you have the courage open the laptop, and see if the socket is an LGA-socket; you can later upgrade to an i7 for instance and get better performance
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