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I recently got a new gaming PC and I have to say the GTX 660 is absolutely brilliant! Just a few weeks ago I came across 60-ish pounds and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to boost either the performance of the GTX 660 or go ahead with adding another GPU, if so which GPU do you recommend?
And last but not least, what can I do to boost overall performance with gaming and video rendering. My specs are in the links. Thanks Y'all :)
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  1. If it's absolutely brilliant, why bother getting another? I don't think this will benefit you.

    You have to have a case which can hold another, plus you'll have to bump up your PSU

    most likely. It'll also generate more heat having two cards in SLI. You've got a great midrange

    card (and they offer the most value for money usually) and unless you're having issues, I don't

    see a reason to upgrade yet; rather save the money and use it towards the next big upgrade.

    Is the rendering very slow or the game performance lacking in some way??

    You can possibly the OC the GPU a bit.
  2. I see, so you're saying I should hold off, save up, and wait for the next big upgrade or indeed a whole new PC to build, okay :)
    And there is no lag apparent at max settings on 1920x1080 on Crysis 2 and it hasn't crashed yet so you're right, but I don't know about OCing my GPU, I got it about a month ago and I would have to upgrade my cooling from what I've heard. Is it worth OCing it in a year or so's time when it starts to become a little slow?
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    Yes. Or as the phrase goes "If you can wait, then wait."

    In the end you only stand to gain from it. Put a few pounds aside every months

    for a few months in a row and you'll soon be able to afford the next big GPU that comes around ;).

    OC'ing is fun. You're correct with the cooling, yet small "OC's" can be done without added cooling. Small ones.

    You also might as well OC it at some point; especially later on when you can afford a new rig or whatnot.

    The only risk you'd have then, is learning something new about the hardware you use and I don't see a problem with that ^^.

    I'm not saying you might get a big performance gain (you still might gain a little though); I'm saying it can be fun, for the heck of it.
  4. Okay thanks a lot :)
    And I could always keep the old 660, OC it and stick it in my shiny new rig, alongside my even shinier GPU ;) It would be a whipping boy but who cares haha
    Thanks Again!
  5. No worries mate.

    A popular utility for some OC'ing is:

    Take care.
  6. I know this is closed, but I have a similar setup, and would honestly recommend the 990fxa-ud3 by gigabyte at some point. Honestly don't know what "gains" you'd get from it over your 970a-ds3, but Dolby Home Theater audio is superb, and the CPU OCing in bios is quite easily done.
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