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hi all,
i have just bought a second hand hp touchsmart tx2 1160ea. the battery were faulty so i bought a new one. now the problem is that the battery holds charge but the laptop will not power on unless it is plugged in on the mains. once powered on i can disconnect the power lead and use the laptop for about 90 minutes
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  1. Laptop's replacement batteries can be tricky if not OEM.
  2. I was unable to buy a oem as the laptop has had a replacement battery before and I dont know and cant find the part number. It would help if I knew what rating the battery should be. Find it strange that once powered on it will stay on without mainw but will not power on without mains
  3. I would guess the laptop checks the battery and if not recognized it will not boot up. It does boot up while plugged in, launches the OS and after that the OS deals with the battery power reserve. There must be a battery check at system level before the OS (or even the BIOS) gets launched, maybe at CMOS.
    Try searching for a OEM replacement battery for that laptop make/model, starting with HP website - customer service. If they don't have one, they could direct you to a store where you can find it or maybe they can troubleshoot this for you.
  4. ive tried searching the hp website to no avail.
    when booting off battery it gets to loading windows screen then just shuts off.
    it apears the more times i charge and discharge the battery the further it gets to loading,
    could it just be that the battery needs conditioning?
  5. Li-Ion batteries have no memory and usually need no conditioning. Furthermore, they have a limited number of charging/discharging cycles (usually around 500) and "conditioning" them only adds to that number. After that, individual cells get damaged, they don't hold a charge anymore, and you get a prematurely worn-out battery.
  6. Hi, I found those part numbers for the battery from the Service Guide, hope it will be helpful for you.

    8-cell, 73-Wh, 2.55-Ah, Li-ion Part Number : 463650-003
    6-cell, 55-Wh, 2.55-Ah, Li-ion Part Number : 441132-003
    4-cell, 37-Wh, 2.55-Ah, Li-ion Part Number : 441131-003 (for use only with computer models equipped with the AMD Turion 64 processor)
  7. FWIW, we have an HP laptop that's only a few months old. It's running Ubuntu 13.04. It will only boot if the power is connected. Once booted, it runs fine from the battery. You can sleep, wake, run for hours, plug in and charge, unplug... It's only the initial cold boot that requires that the adaptor be plugged in. I'm guessing that finding an OEM battery won't help you.
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