is intel i7 950 Enough for asus gtx 680 2 gb sli ( 2 gpu }

hi all
i have cpu intel i7 950 - motherboard intel dx58so - asus gtx 680 2 gb

is cpu intel i7 950 Enough for asus gtx 680 2 gb sli ( 2 gpu }
can he run both in full performance ?
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  1. Theres no such a thing as a PC with no bottleneck...
    Is it oveclocked? if you can get 4ghz or maybe higher, you will not see much diference in gaming with a new cpu (Unlocked i5 or i7) What res are you running?
    If you are not OC already. get a decent cooler that you can also use in future builds
  2. In some games you will run both fine in cpu intensive games you will see a bottleneck. The first gens are really showing there age in new games especially cpu intensive ones
  3. Can I install Other asus gtx 680 or not
  4. That depends on your motherboard if it suppourts SLI and has an sli bridge with 2 pcie bus's then yes you can. I was just answering the question of whether it would be a bottleneck
  5. 1080p
  6. thank
  7. Are you OCed? are you getting an used 680? if not get a 770
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