Went to play ArmA 2, then screen blacks out. Now when I start comp, the screen blacks after a few seconds

Hi everyone. I recently got an ATI Radeon HD 6780 and for a few hours, it has run flawlessly. I barely ran it hot too.

But when I started up ArmA 2 earlier, it glitched out and the monitor lost signal. I restarted my comp only to see the POST show up and the screen where Windows notifies you of an unexpected shutdown. Then, the motherboard beeps, and a red light appears on the graphics card. At the same time, the signal to my monitor is lost...

Please help. I don't understand. Could the card have failed? The beeps are short, and occur every ten seconds or so.
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  1. im assuming you got the gpu used? maybe its bad? other possibility could be your power supply. what are the full system specs?
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