Upgrading Graphics Card help.

Hello.I've had a Radeon HD 6850 1GB for some time now. And I plan on upgrading it.saved up enough money. Here are my current specs.

Intel Core i7-3770k cpu@ 3.50.
16gb ram. 1K plus power supply
1920x1080 Monitor.

I play my games at mostly 1280x720 Because I stream. As well as do youtube videos. I play a lot of league of legends,Dota,Smite. And some other latest games.

Some one suggested I should get XFX FX-785A-CDFC Radeon HD 7850 GPU Graphic Card With
AMD Radeon Chipset, 2GB GDDR5 SDRAM.But I Don't know about that.
What cards Do you guys recommend? Or should I just wait for the next card releases.

Another thing I Would love to do crossfire. Price range 400 plus.
If I wanna starve myself. XD If we can get something cheap why not.
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    The 7850 is more of a sidegrade for you. I would look at the gtx770 or hd7950 depending on budget.

    Don't crossfire. Its worse to have 2 mid range cards than have one powerful card.
  2. Crossfire is very broken right now and dosnt help boost frame rate it causes issues, get one powerful card
  3. Thanx Guys for the Suggestions I Went for the hd7950.
  4. Nice just dont crossfire its very broken atm
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