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Recently, I've been having issues with the PSU and my laptop. Originally, the DC jack in my laptop broke and I had it replaced at a repair store, as my soldering skills are sub-par. It was fine for a few months, but now I have a new problem: When I plug my PSU into my laptop the light on it slowly dims until it is off completely. If I unplug the PSU from the power socket and replug it in while keeping it attached to my laptop, the light will come on again, but then dim once more. During all of this, the laptop receives no charge at all. I don't have another charger available to troubleshoot with either... Does this seem like a charged problem, or something with my motherboard/DC jack? Any ideas how to fix it?
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    Definitely the brick. You'll need to get a new PSU, as it sounds like the adapter has all but completely died.
  2. Alright, thanks. That is good to here, as I was not looking forward to have to find where a short in the motherboard was or something else along those lines. Appreciate it!
  3. Yeah, your indicator there is... well, the indicator light! :p The fact that the light on the PSU dims is telling me that the diodes are tired. Now if the light on your laptop where the jack is is dimming, that alludes to the laptop at fault and not the accessory.

    Anyway, you're welcome! Hopefully you get it back up and running soon.
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