Data recovery from an WD My book External Drive

I have an WD 1.5TB My book external drive that isn't working properly and I want to recover the data that I had stored in it. I have tried some solutions by myself based on some suggestions I read online so it's possible I've already taken some wrong steps to get my files back and that's why I include a long description/history of what I've done.

The problem started off some time ago, as my computer would not detect the drive when I connected it. I tried on two other computers, and with a different USB cable, and still nothing (although the drive appeared to turn on if I pressed its on/off button) so I ended up removing the enclosure and connecting the drive though sata.

FInally the drive was detected in the computer but no partition was found so I ended up creating one with the maximum space possible hoping that it would be of any help (which obviously wasn't) so I erased it and later created it again. I did all of this in disk management (I'm using windows 7 64bit), and also blindly converted the disk from GPT to dynamic and back to GPT hoping it would be of any help.

I tried looking up my problem online, and found some data recovery programs which I have ran, such as recuva and easeUS data recovery, but recuva will not run, and easeUS finds files that aren't any good to me: doc files with over 1 GB or images with about 200 MB, that don't correspond to what I had.

I have no idea about what I can do or try next and any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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  1. It sounds like you've lost the partition info or corrupted it. Ther are several tools that can recover it. I use testdisk but its command line based. There are more windows based one you can google for like easus, stellar pheonix, etc.
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    I tried the lost partition option in easeUS, but as I mentioned, it found around 700 GB in unusable files
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