Good CPU temp monitor?

Hey, like the title says I Need a simple and accurate CPU temperature monitor. All the ones I have used over complicate everything... Is there a simplistic one that just gives temperatures? Thanks!
(Needs to be compatible with FX-8350)
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  1. Also, I like HWMonitor. Is that one accurate with CPU Temps? I just wonder this because it doesn't give all my cores temps, but a general temperature.
  2. CoreTemp is revered as the best. It polls a lot of info, but you can have only the core temps displayed in the taskbar
  3. Core Temp 1.0

    -Edit- ninja'd
  4. Core Temp.
  5. Core Temp looks good, but it always crashes me for some reason. Is CPUID HW Monitor decent/accurate? Thanks!
  6. Cool Fan.
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